Used once

Awesome Depth/Great among iron

Fitted with 10'' Coil

Credo DDM utilises 44% more powerful transmitter than the older top model Nexus Standard SE and in this way it exceeds the detecting capabilities of the SE by some amount depending on the search
coil that is in use.
The Credo DDM technology is based on the Nexus Standard MkII development, which explains its excellent and unmatched performance compared to any other brand.
Credo DDM is suitable for work on every site, every ground condition and also salt water tidal beaches.
Heavy mineral conditions are not challenge anymore.
Credo DDM is a non motion type of detector with fast auto tune, with induction balance resonant tuned (99%) search coil.
Its general performance is similar to the motion type of metal detectors.
After Nexus Standard MkII, Credo DDM exhibits the next best existing depth penetration. Discrimination accuracy is the same as MkII. There is a considerable difference however between these two
models as Nexus Standard MkII is much more powerful in its transmitter.

From all tests conducted with the older Nexus Standard SE around the world it has been established that the SE is the most powerful coin, treasure and relic hunting metal detector ever made.
Now Credo DDM exceeds that power at considerably lower retail price..

Product features.
  • New Auto function that controls together the Threshold, Discrimination, Ground Balance and Iron Rejection Mode. No more trouble with difficult adjustments.
  • New developed by Nexus Single coloured DDM system – Definite Discrimination Meter based on LED technology. It is working in Red colour, that indicates only Non-Ferrous targets. Iron is never
  • 44% more powerful transmitter than the classic Nexus Standard SE..
  • New developed by Nexus tri pole stem construction. It allows the use of only top and bottom poles becoming considerably shorter than any other stem design. The new stem will enable every user
    to work with the detector on very steep surface, river banks, caves, narrow spaces. It also allows the use of the detector by children making it the best family metal detector.

Manual controls.
  • Volume combined with a Power On/Off switch,
  • Threshold combined with Auto function switch.
  • Sensitivity
  • Discrimination
  • Ground Balance
  • Multi tone
  • Recovery Speed toggle switch
  • Battery test toggle switch.
  • Iron Rejection Mode toggle switch

  • Build in loudspeaker
  • Headphone socket
  • Battery recharge socket
  • 10AA battery compartment.
Brand: NEXUS
Condition: Used
Weight: 2.5kg