Please note that from 3rd February i will not be buying in anymore Detectors/Coils

All Detectors have now been sold

Having been doing this for 25 years it's got too time consuming and at 68 i need to be doing other things.

I may of course make a comeback in the future (who knows)  but at the moment i need a break from it all.

Thank you so much for your Customer over the years, i have many customers that have bought from me since i began and still are doing.

It may take a while for the stock to run out, when it gets to a certain point the website will be closed down and everything that remains will be put on ebay. Loads of spares and other stuff i have kicking about will also put on e-bay when i have sorted it out over the coming months.

I will still be online with a new website where i will continue with information/Blogs/Test's e.t.c 

And will be building a new test bed and hoping to compare the more modern detectors in the future.

Thanks again Kevin

I have loads of bits and pieces left, these will be put on ebay over the next few months


Sold out


Just a few coils left for sale