Excellent Condition for age

Not mint condition , but as good as it gets, Little use, 3 piece stem

Fitted with 8'' Spider Coil

Deep seeking on land or beach

One of the best detectors ever made

Volume Control
Sensitivity Control
2 Discrimination Channels
Battery Check
Speaker and Headphone jack

Easy  to use , gives a nice clear signal

The 1266-XB has earned a reputation as one of the deepest seeking detectors available today, the 1266-XB is the one to beat! Hear the Difference: A deep-seeking detector is not doing the job if its response is too faint to hear. You are missing small, deep targets. Now with the 1266-XB, it sounds off louder and crisper over those small targets. You will hear more and you will find more.
Feel the Difference: Fisher quality feels good. With a padded arm rest , compact control housing , foam grip, S handle, rear-mounted battery pack and open-centre search coil, the 1266-XB offers an unmatched integration of balance, form and function. And at only 3.9 pounds, it is one of the lightest high performance metal detectors in the class.
 See the difference: you can see right through the open-centre 8-inch search coil. It makes pinpointing even easier. And it is unbeatable for shallow-water hunting. The transmitter and receiver coils are encapsulated in solid, glass-bead epoxy inside a high-impact, injection-moulded housing. Search with Dual Discrimination: Two independent discrimination modes allow you to search at any level of trash rejection and instantly switch to any other level with the flip of a trigger switch mounted below the control housing. If you are not into meters or complicated notch systems, you will appreciate this quick and simple method of telling the cash from the trash. Just Turn it on and Go: No turner, no meter, no ground adjust, no nonsense. Just pick it up, set the controls and start searching.
Fisher detectors have a well-earned reputation for being uncomplicated and easy to use, the 1266-XB is no exception

Condition: Used
Weight: 2.5kg