A few of the questions I am asked on a daily basis is  ''How deep does it go''? - '' What's it like near iron?'' ,does it reject coke? Does it work on a beach e.t.c

Which detector is the best?. 
Most detectors fit in to the ''mid range area'' where
they are all very similar.

However some excel in certain ways , others are not too good.

Years ago some of you may remember i created a test bed and tested dozens of detectors, it was very popular back then, since then everyone seems to have test on youtube and the like.
I have now added to and improved my old test bed and will start the testing again.

There are many more detectors on the market nowadays and there is almost too much choice!

There are many coils for sale now to suite most models and i will also be testing as many coils as possible so you can see what difference (if any) changing a coil makes

I do not think there is one detector out here that does everything perfectly, that's probably why a lot of us have several detectors

All detectors are set up to be stable and reject nails , small iron, and Coke  (if possible) which is what suits most people.

Quite a few detectors would give better results  if I ran them ''over sensitive'' or in ' All metal'' making them very unstable but I would not normally do this in the field.


Most of the targets have been buried for at least 15 Years

Most detectors will go a bit deeper if the ground has been undisturbed for 100's or 1000's of years.

But of course these conditions cannot be reproduced.

Some makes of detector work better on some fields than on others, whilst some makes of detector work anywhere without picking and choosing.

Some detectors may not be very deep but are very fast responding so they would be better in iron infested sites.

But I have found if you have a detector that is not the fastest at responding you just simply slow down.

Depth is not the 'be all and end all' - but it helps, the more powerful the detector the more it normally finds.

I will also not be holding back on my thoughts on every detector and the pro's and cons of each.

Beginners don't let any of my comments put you off any detector, all the tests are extreme, 90% of detectors will find 90% of what you walk over

Test bed pictures

Complete tests


Individual detector tests below with my comments and quick score guide


AKA Sorex


Minelab Explorer 11
Minelab Advantage
Minelab CTX 3030
Minelab Safari
Minelab E-trac
Minelab Explorer SE
Minelab Equinox 800
Minelab Gold Monster



Whites MX Sports
Whites XLT
Whites 6000 XL
Whites Beach Hunter TDI



Garrett AT Max
Garrett Euro Ace
Garrett Ace 400i
Garrett Ace 250
Garrett Treasure Ace 300
Garrett AT Pro
Garrett AT Gold
Garrett Ace 300i



Makro/Nokta Anfibio
Nokta Velox One
Makro Multi Kruzer
Nokta Simplex
Nokta Impact
Makro Racer 1
Makro Racer 2
Makro/Nokta Kruzer
Nokta Fors Core Relic
Makro Gold Racer



Goldenmask 4 Pro 18khz


Teknetics G2
Teknetics T2 Green 6.5 Version
Teknetics T2 SE
Teknetics G2+
Teknetics Patriot
Teknetics Eurotek Pro



Tesoro Lobo Supertrac
Laser Rapier Plus



XP 150
XP Gmaxx 11
XP Goldmaxx Original
XP Goldmaxx Power



Fisher CZ21
Fisher Goldbug
Fisher F44
Fisher 1266 X
Fisher 1265 X
Fisher CZ 6
Fisher F22
Fisher Goldbug Pro
Fisher F75 Gold V9




C-Scope 2MX



Deeptech Vista Warrior


Troy X5


Rutus Ultima


Red Heat MK 11