Good 'used' Condition

Deep seeking /Lightweight Beach detector 

The C Scope CS4Pi is an extremely powerful Pulse Induction type metal detector designed for use in the one situation where most conventional detectors struggle, on the beach. The ‘switch-on-and-go’ principle makes the C Scope CS4Pi very simple to operate, even if you have never used a metal detector before. The C Scope CS4Pi has a distinctive cleverly designed control box which can quickly be detached from the stem and belt mounted around the body. Although designed primarily for metal detecting on beaches, it is also a powerful zero discrimination inland tool suitable for archaeology and recovery purposes.

• Variable Frequency MOTION
search system
• 1k - 4.2k pps frequency control
• Audio response with LED
• Automatic retune ‘switch on and go’
• All metal super depth, optimised for beach operation
• 25cm open centre waterproof
search head
• Belt mountable control box
• Adjustable stem
• 8 x AA battery power
• Socket for (optional) headphones

Brand: C-SCOPE
Condition: Used
Weight: 2.5kg