These are my thoughts , you may agree/disagree with my comments, detecting like all hobbies is all about opinions!
I do not have favourite manufacturers i am totally neutral , i just want to use whatever i think is the best for the type of Detecting i do


The Equinox seems to have dominated the detecting scene for 6 months now, i got mine 2 weeks ago (thanks Craig)  i have been trying to get my hands on one for months, mainly so i could get covers made for it, at this time of writing they should be available for week starting 22/4/18

Not had much time to play with the Equinox yet i have used it twice , i detect on pasture mainly so all i am interested in is depth, after a quick go on my test bed i found that park 2 was the deepest i could get it to detect.with the sensitivity on the maximum of 25.It was not as lightweight as i thought it would be but it does not bother me as i use a harness on all detectors i use, the other Detectors i use are a Deus , Minelab CTX 3030 and a Minelab GPX 5000, i also have a Minelab  E-Trac but that will probably be going now and will be replaced with the Equinox.

As i said i have used the Equinox twice so far , on Pasture (ridge and furrow) and i have spent several hours on my test bed with it also.

Like most of you out there i have heard all the hype for months now and spoke to a few people that now own one, most were positive , one or two negative

Most people thought it was going to be better than the CTX/E-Trac e.t.c, this would never happen surely, Minelab would never release a new detector at £879 that was better than a detector costing twice as much, this would no doubt kill the CTX and E-Trac sales? and would change the entire market, it's already had an affect on the market since it's release was announced  , it's the detector most people want and the back orders are growing faster than the supply!

Because dealers are not  currently taking part exs against the Equinox i am getting twice as many phone calls than normal, i am having to pick and choose because i do not want to be stuck with a load of none selling detectors, if the Equinox is the best detector out there? and it sells at £879 new everything else as to be less second-hand.

So how does it perform?, i took it up my test bed within 10 mins of putting it together , i try dozens of detectors every week on my test bed so i know what to expect from every detector, first target was a Bronze age axe head at 18'' , it just about got that, there is iron down the hole somewhere so nothing gets it except my GPX 5000, iron tests went as expected no different then most detectors only difference being is that you can swing it faster, i,m slow anyway so it;s no particular benefit to me , then on to the cut quarters, i have one very low conductive cut quarter that's buried at 4'' the CTX gets it about 4'' above the ground , the Equinox gets it about 6'' above the ground, hmmm
On to the 5 pence's , my CTX gets 5 pence at 12'' with a dodgy but diggable signal, the Equinox gets it at 15'' with a loud signal, very impressive, it ain't a little deeper than a CTX and E-Trac it's quite a lot deeper on all the targets i have on my test bed

In the field it's awesome on small targets ,deeper on all targets, all the signals seem to be amplified so you don't get ''dodgy signals'' , it's either signal or not.
Downside is it loves big iron targets, so far i find it's a nightmare among iron if there are big objects involved ,Big iron targets on their own with a bit of practice you can recognise.which is which
I find among iron i can get my CTX or E-Trac  to work better, but early days yet.
If you are the sort of detectorist that runs across ploughed fields on club outings , rallies e.t c where it's all about covering as much ground as possible then this is a very fast detector to use, it was originally being compared to and in competition with the Deus , no competition the Equinox is far Superior, it's deeper /Faster and the discrim is better.
I've had my Deus for 6 years and i'll not part with it , it;s great in the first few inches  it's lightweight, it's wireless, great on bank sides, discrim is dire on deeper targets, signals are mixed and dodgy, it's great on shallow soil and for taking on holiday.i'm sure there is some way of using it on wet sand but i have not discovered the secret yet.

The Equinox is not going to replace the CTX but i think it will seriously devalue it, after all the Equinox is a replacement for the X Terra, simple menus, limited info on the screen.

I presume Minelab will eventually create a similar detector to replace the CTX with a similar performance to the Equinox or better, GPS and more information on the screen.if so put me down for one!