Very Good  Condition

Fitted with 9.5'' Coil

Great Detector on Land or Beach

[+]Turn-on-and-go Simplicity: 2 controls-DISC and SENS

[+]Auto Trac® Toggle: Beach, Auto and Off Mode.
Auto Trac
[+]Pinpoint/All Metal Mode: Just squeeze and hold the trigger under the display to read the target depth and watch the pinpoint blocks to see when you are directly over the target.
[+]7 tone I.D.: No need to even look at the display. Just listen for the sounds you want to dig.
The VDI ranges and the corresponding tones:
-95 = 57Hz (Low tone)
-94 to -4 = 128 Hz
-5 to 7 = 145 Hz
8 to 26 = 182 Hz
27 to 49 = 259 Hz
50 to 70 = 411 Hz
70 to 95 = 900 (High tone) Hz
[+]Full Size Display: Target Labels, VDI Numbers, Depth Reading.
[+]Slide-in AA battery pack: for up to 40 hours of hunting.
[+]Operating Frequency: 14kHz
Condition: Used
Weight: 2.75kg