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Very Good Condition
Super deep!
Fitted with 20'' Coil also comes with an extra 13'' Coil

Rechargeable batteries and Charger

The Nexus Standard MP (Mineral Power) V2 is our top model and currently the deepest in ground IB hand held metal detector
on the market. The MP may be the best Induction Balance metal detector for searching the deepest layers of the soil for treasures and valuable targets. This result is achieved by our new development. A masterful performer on every terrain, normal and mineral alike. With dual tone audio and the Definite Discrimination Meter optimal discrimination is achieved The Bi-Color meter is based on LED technology, which provides a reliable visual discrimination analysis in All-Metal and Iron Rejection mode. Red indicates only non-ferrous targets and Blue only ferrous. Now supplied with the new 20" DD Carbon Fiber search coil, which provides more ground coverage, 25% more sensitivity and more stability on highly mineralized ground compared to the smaller 13" DD coil. All this comes at no extra weight as the 20" DD Carbon Fiber coil weight is the same as the 13" DD coil. Nexus Standard MP is not designed to use any automatic functions, because it aims for the best performance results possible and it’s still achievable only in manual mode.

The Super Dumping Technology (SDT) system extends the limits of IB technology in all soil conditions. Maximizes efficiency of ground and mineral suppression, eliminates mineral interference completely. Uses the ground conductivity to enhance metal target detection, depth results better in ground than in air. SDT’s measured improvement of signal detection in ground compared to air is 12-14%.

Volume combined with a power on/off switch. Threshold. Sensitivity. Discrimination. Ground Balance - 10 turn rotary potentiometer with a multi turn locking dial. Dual tone with adjustable frequency. Coarse mineral control. Fine mineral control - 10 turn rotary potentiometer with a multi turn dial. Mineral mode toggle switch. Battery test toggle switch Audio Mode toggle switch - changes detector operation between the two modes - All metal and Iron Rejection.

Brand: NEXUS
Condition: Used
Weight: 2.5kg