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An affordable alternative to more expensive, computer-driven detectors.

The Musketeer Advantage has superior depth, fast target response, and the reach of higher priced detectors.

It is ideally suited to the coin and relic hunter that values performance more than features.

The raw power of this detector will amaze even the most seasoned hunter.

Suitable for the novice or experienced detector user, the Musketeer is lightweight and easy to operate. 

A new waterproof all-terrain Treasure Searcher Slimline coil provides super depth and unrivalled versatility! 
Combination of accessories and coil sizes allow you to tailor your Musketeer to your specific needs, be it coin,  jewellery, rings, as well as relics and artefact's. Works amazingly well on beaches!)

Quick Release Rugged Control Box .
Sturdy 2 piece adjustable shaft .

Precision Adjustable Ground Balance .

Pin-point/Non-motion Mode .

Threshold Reset Switch . '

Added armrest for even greater detecting comfort .

Weighs 33.1 oz•

Fitted with 10" Coil,

Convertible mount armrest bracket,

Instruction manual

Weight: 2.5kg
Condition: Used