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Comes with 13'' x 10'' Tiger Coil

The Gauss MD is an up-to-date metal detector with the direct Digital Signal Processing (DSP). It means that a signal generated by the coil is converted into digital form and processed inside the micro controller. This solution allows to get rid of limitations that are common to analogue circuits, as well as to reduce interference, increase sensitivity, ensure flexibility in settings etc. Also, modern micro controllers, with their high processing power, make it possible to carry out additional complex mathematical calculations. The basic principle of the Gauss MD’s operation is induction balance (IB), which is achieved by using two induction coils (the transmitter and the receiver ones) inside the detector search coil. When a metal object appears in proximity to this coil, the inductive balance is disrupted and this results in an unbalanced signal at the output of the receiver coil. This signal is transmitted to the control box where it’s processed by the electronics and then is presented to an operator. The detector uses one main operating frequency of 16 kHz and an additional one of 48 kHz (to search for small targets).

Innovative and modern metal detector, simplicity of use extremely powerful high-performance performance 

TESTS from life in the ground already give it an excellent competitor, and an excellent choice with the beautiful lightweight telescopic rod design

excellent for coins, jewellery, gold votive medal, militaria rings, helmets, water bottle, etc. in all terrains

DATA: Dual frequency 16 kHz and 48 kHz

best features metal detector, depth of search, excellent discrimination, speed and absence of false positives.

GAIN sensitivity gain adjustment

DISC discrimination adjustment from unwanted objects 

FREQ frequency adjustment from 16 to 48 khz and vice versa

SEARCH MODE adjust search types and modes

VOL FeVOL audio volume and iron volume adjustment to mask the iron sound for quieter search

LARGE clear DISPLAY showing:

ID number identifying the detected object 0-99,

ground balance value,

gain, battery charge, etc .. 

KEYBOARD with keys:

On off

Balance Menu

Pinpoint button

Scroll arrows for parameters and values ​​adjustment

Cable (USB / mini USB) - Magnetic charging cable

Quick charger USB adaptor plug

Receiver ws MDLink

Cable (USB / mini USB) - Magnetic charging cable

Quick charger USB adaptor plug

Brand: MARS
Condition: Used
Weight: 2.5kg