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Fitted with 12'' x 10'' Coil

The major advantage is its recovery speed, which places it in the premium position to operate in areas heavily contaminated with iron pollutants. The metal detector works with search coils with a wide scanning range (Double D) which greatly improve the machine's performance on mineralised soils, while the geometry of the search coil allows for a much better ground penetration. Golden Mask 4 is produced from high-quality components and materials to ensure maximum product life of the metal detector.

Key features:
Golden Mask 4 PRO is available with a basic search coil 12" x 10''
A special cable, made of high-quality materials and with a common shield, designed to provide for greater mechanical strength and extended product life of the coil
Light and strong boxes of ABS Lightweight metal detector with a perfect balance
Strong handle
A three-piece rod
Lower rod made of carbon Smart automatic charger, especially designed for the Golden Mask

Operating frequency – 18 kHz
Operation mode – motion
Automatic ground balance
Manual ground balance
Multi-tone discrimination
Audio discrimination
Adjustable scale of metal discrimination
Adjustable search depth
Adjustable audio tone
Adjustable audio volume
Innovative, completely redesigned electronics, combining productivity and enhanced sensitivity
Charger – a pack of 10 rechargeable batteries 1.2 V AA/ 1000 mAh
Single charge operating time: minimum 20 hours
LED low battery indicator
Headphones jack

Condition: Used
Weight: 2.5kg