Good Condition

Comes with 9'' and 12'' coils
Deep and Sensitive

New High Powered EDS REACHER Metal Detector. Using intensive engineering, Detech has produced a formidable detector that proves it can search much deeper than many other types of Metal Detectors. Years of in-the-field testing has produced a truly remarkable detector that detector users have been waiting and hoping for. No fooling, this detector is second to none. You will get Super Depth in a simple to tune, easy to use lightweight, well built Super Deep Metal Detector


Operating Frequency: 28Khz
VLF Operation
Fully Automatic Ground Balancing
Audio Frequency: 570 Hz and 1140Hz
Weigh: 2.0 pounds
Length extended: 51"
Length collapsed: 41"
1/8'' Headphone Jack
Impedance 8 to 32 Ohms
Batteries: 4 X AA Alkaline
Battery Run Time: 15 to 30 Hours
Low Battery Alert: Automatic LED & Audio
Ground Balancing: Fully Automatic
Search Modes: Normal and Deep
On/Off Sensitivity
AMD and Adjustable Discrimination
Tone Control: Tone 1 and 2
Frequency Control: Freq. 1 and Freq. 2
Pin-point Mode: One Button Push

Condition: Used
Weight: 2.5kg